Importing BPO Files

You can search for a specific product in our BPO Database. Once you have found the product you would like to use you can download the BPO file into your local file system. BPO files will have .bpo extension. You can also download language files, these files have .po extensions. After downloading a BPO file you can simply import it into Revit or Archicad by selecting this file while using our Revit Addin or Archicad Add-on. For this, you have to download and install these importers form here first. To use these importers, you have to have either a Trial Key File (valid for 1 month) or buy a Subscription valid for 1 year on your Computer. You can read more about these possibilities here. After you have installed your Subscription Key File you will be able import the BPO file.

If you are a Revit-user, please follow this link to get more information about how you can use our Revit Addin.

Otherwise, if you are an Archicad-user, please follow this link to read more about our Archicad Add-on.