BPO Files

Our intention is to create the most usable file format of BIM objects. Which is easy and cheap to create and can be used by widest audience. This is BPO file format (BPO stands for BIMporter Published Object) which can be consumed by Architects, Interior Designers and MEP Engineers.

Creating BPO Files

Brands and Manufacturers can create and deliver their products as BPO files for Architects, Interior Designers and MEP Engineers for free. They can create BPO files using our BIMporter Publisher Software. Publisher makes it easy and trivial to create BIM files ready to publish, Brands don't have to be familiar with the complexities of Revit or Archicad, they can import and simplify the geometry of the product, add MEP connectors if applicable, add material definitions, add product parameters having units and other unitless texts. They can also manage different LODs, of course. Last but not least they can handle translation files making the BPO file localizable to any language in a separate process.

Publishing BPO Files

Brands and Manufacturers have the right to publish BPO files. They have to publish them at least on their own websites. It is strictly prohibited to publish other files created from BPO files or any other data derived from them.

Importing BPO Files

Architects, Interior Designers and MEP Engineers can import BPO files into Revit and Archicad using our Revit Addin and Archicad Add-on. Revit Families and Archicad .gsm files created by our Importers will have perfect geometries (and MEP connectors) and material definitions with LODs specified. Beside these, importing BPO files instead of using static Revit Families or Archicad .gsm files has lot of benefits due to the flexibility of the import process:

  • - Which data is used is configurable.
  • - How data is used is configurable.
  • - Units automatically converted.
  • - Data can be automatically translated using Brand provided translation files resulting localized Revit Family or Archicad .gsm.
  • - Architect can create translation file easily to support any language not supported by the Brand.
  • - Architect can overwrite material definitions if he/she is not satisfied with those provided by the Brand.
  • - Revit Family can be lightweight and can contain just those types of the products the Architect really needs.

Converting BPO Files to FBX or SKP or DAE Files

Architects, Interior Designers who are only interested in rendering can convert BPO files to FBX files and use them with different software like 3ds Max, ARCHLine.XP. Or they can create SKP files for Sketchup. They can also create DAE files for ViSoft or CAD Decor. They can use our BPO Viewer to export these file formats from BPO files.

Reusing BPO files

BIMporter plans to support more software in the future. The already published BPO files can be used without any further actions required.