Registering your Brand @ BPO Factory

As the owner of your Brand you can deliver your products as BPO files after signing a contract with us. If you are interested, please contact us by writing an e-mail to . After signing this contract, we grant you an access to create and publish your products in the name of your Brand. You can use our BIMporter Publisher Software to turn your products into BIM objects and upload those as BPO files to your website. As the Brand owner you can hire as many co-workers or free-lancers as you want to join to this process by registering them as uploaders for free, i.e. you can use the Publisher in a big scale. After uploading your new BIM objects, you will have the opportunity to deliver them as BPO files which is the recommended way, because this is the most flexible and the cheapest solution for you. But for whatever reason you do not want to stick with the BPO file format, we can grant you permission (with signing a separate contract) to turn those into Revit .rfa files or Archicad .gsm files and publish these native formats. You can read more about the benefits using BPO files over native Revit .rfa or Archicad .gsm files here.