Creating BPO Files from your Products and Publishing Them

Are you a Manufacturer of products used in buildings/offices/homes? Are you the owner of a Brand of such products? If so, than probably you are interested in helping Architects/Interior Designers/MEP Engineers to use your products. The easiest and fastest way to deliver your products to them is using BPO files. You can turn your products to BPO files for free and publish them on your own website for free.

BPO Factory

BIMporter has the goal to spread BPO file format away. For this reason, we support you with our best effort and you can get everything for free to be able to create BPO files. However, for the same reason there are some simple but very strict things you should accept if you would like to use our infrastructure and software:

- You are allowed to turn only your own products to BPO files. Just those products are considered belonging to you which are published with selling purpose on your website already.
- You have to make the BPO files downloadable at least on your own website next to your products (in the required form below). This is an obligation.
- You have the right to publish your BPO files in BPO format anywhere (in the required form below).
- It is strictly prohibited to publish any other format created from BPO file , i.e. it is not allowed to publish the Revit RFA, Archicad GSM, IFC, FBX, etc. created from BPO file. This restriction is not only for your website but for any other site or for any other form of delivery like CD/DVD etc.

BPO Factory makes possible for us to ensure that you fulfill all those requirements above. For this reason, the first thing you have to do to register yourself into the BPO Factory. After this registration you can use BIMporter Publisher Software to create BPO files. However, BPO files will be archived by BPO Factory as well. BIMporter will have the rights to use these archived BPO files to check whether your activity fulfills the requirements above. Any missuse of BIMporter infrastructure and software by harming those obligations above can lead to banning you from BPO Factory.

BPO Factory lets you manage your co-workers, i.e. you can create your own team. The members of your team can create BPO files for your brand with BIMporter Publisher simultaniously. However all your team-members should accept the restrictions above. It is your responsibility to add just co-workers to your team you can trust. If one of your co-workers harms the obligations above it will be you and your brand who will be banned from BPO Factory.

You can register your brand very easily at BPO Factory with

- the name of your brand
- the URL of the brand-website (for example:
- an e-mail address belonging to the the same domain and to a representative person of your brand (CEO, CFO, etc.) (for example: or
Accepting your registration request is not automatic. We can reject your registration request if your brand is not creating/selling products for building industry or if we can't ensure that you are allowed to represent the brand.

Special Permission to Publish BPO Derived Formats

If you would like to publish derived file formats (like .rfa or .gsm.) you have to ask permission from BIMporter Kft. first!
We can grant you this special permission IN WRITTEN FORM.
The permission will cost 5000 € + VAT / Calendar Year.
You must comply all those base requirements above extended by the followings:
- You are allowed to publish BPO derived files of your own products only. Just those products are considered belonging to you which are published with selling purpose on your website already in the name of your brand.
- Derived file from a BPO file should have the same name as the original BPO file with '_created_from_BPO' postfix, i.e. an .rfa file from XY_Product.bpo should be named XY_Product_CUSTOM_TEXT_created_from_BPO.rfa
- The original BPO file or reference to it should present next to the published derived file created from it always.

The Required Form of BPO Publishment

BPO files created by your Brand must be published at least on the website of your Brand next to the appropriate product. Logo of BIMporter should be displayed at least 32px X 32px size before the BPO file download link. This logo should be linkable and the link should point to like this:

Download BPO File

HTML code source example:

		<div style="float: left; display: flex; justify-content: center; align-items: center; gap: 2px;">
		<a  href="" target="_blank"><img  width="32px" height="32px" src="BIMporterLogo.png" ></a>
		<a  href="whatever.bpo">Download BPO File</a>
		<div style="clear: both;"></div>

BIMporter Publisher

It is easy to learn how to use this software. You can turn your products to BPO files in minutes with no effort.

The BIMporter Publisher Software:

You can import your product into the Publisher, we support many file formats (STEP, SAT, etc.). :

Advanced users can fine-tune the import process if they want, however in 99 percent of the cases defaults are good enough:

You can manage your materials:

And material sets:

And assign them to geometries:

You can simplify, i.e. delete some details of your products as you wish. Or add further details and LODS by importing them. And last but not least you can setup MEP connectors if applicable to your product:

You can add any BIM custom property describing your product. These can have units or can be unitless texts. We support all the 149 unit types of Revit. You can use any kind of units of these unit types.
Importers will automatically convert these units to the ones that the user prefers:

After setting up your product in Publisher you can simply upload it to the BPO Factory by clicking the appropriate menu item.
All the brands will have a brand-owner (aka. administrator) registered in our BPO Factory.
He/she can decide which uploaded products he/she would like to download and publish on his/her own website or publish/unpublish in the name of the brand in BPO Database.

You can optionally extract an English .po language file (aka. Portable Object File) of your product from the Publisher:

This language file can be easily translated to different languages:

You can use your preferred .po file editor to translate the product specific terms and texts, like Poedit.
Brand-owner can upload and publish them next to BPO files, while Architects, Interior Designers and MEP Engineers later can download these language files along with the BPO file.
They can later simply choose one of these .po files and put it next to the downloaded BPO file with the same name (for example put 'xyz.po' and 'xyz.bpo' to the same folder) .
During the import Revit and Archicad Importers check if a .po file with the same name exists next to the BPO file.
If so, importers can do the translation of the BPO file automatically using that specific language file whenever possible.
These language files can be managed separately from BPO files, so translation process is completely decoupled from the creation and publishment of BPO files.
This decoupling guarantees that you can do the translation according to your market expansion to regions speaking different languages.
Furthermore, you can publish the original English language file next to the BPO file, then even end users can create their language files for languages not supported yet.