Publishing Your Products as BPO Files

After registering your Brand at BPO Database, we give you access to that. You will also get licenses enabling you to use our BIMporter Publisher Software.
Using this software you can Say No To Standing In Queue For Getting BIM Objects! Turn your products to BPO files and publish them in minutes in big scale. You will be able to do that for two reasons.
In one hand it is very-very easy to learn, on the other hand you will be able to manage your Uploader Team and you can hire as many co-workers or free-lancers as you want to join to this process.

We can give you some insights into how Publisher works by showing some screenshots to you.

The BIMporter Publisher Software:

You can import your product into the Publisher, we support many file formats (STEP, SAT, etc.). :

Advanced users can fine-tune the import process if they want, however in 99 percent of the cases defaults are good enough:

You can manage your materials:

And material sets:

And assign them to geometries:

You can simplify, i.e. delete some details of your products as you wish. Or add further details and LODS by importing them. And last but not least you can setup MEP connectors if applicable to your product:

You can add any BIM custom property describing your product. These can have units or can be unitless texts. We support all the 149 unit types of Revit. You can use any kind of units of these unit types.
Importers will automatically convert these units to the ones that the user prefers:

After setting up your product in Publisher you can simply upload it to the BPO Database by clicking the appropriate menu item.
All the brands will have a brand-owner (aka. administrator) registered in our BPO Database.
He/she can decide which uploaded products he/she would like to publish/unpublish in the name of the brand.

You can optionally extract an English .po language file (aka. Portable Object File) of your product from the Publisher:

This language file can be easily translated to different languages:

You can use your preferred .po file editor to translate the product specific terms and texts, like Poedit.
Brand-owner can upload and publish them next to BPO files, while Architects, Interior Designers and MEP Engineers later can download these language files along with the BPO file.
They can later simply choose one of these .po files and put it next to the downloaded BPO file with the same name.
Revit and Archicad Importers check if a .po file with the same name exists next to the BPO file with the same name.
If so, those can do the localization of the BPO file automatically using that specific language file whenever possible.
These language files can be managed separately from BPO files, so translation process is completely decoupled from the uploading and publishing of BPO files.
This decoupling guarantees that you can do the translation according to your market expansion to regions speaking different languages.
Furthermore, if you publish the English language file next to the BPO file, then even Architects, Interior Designers and MEP Engineers can create their language files from this if they wish.